'The first time I ever told a bullshit story was at primary school in Grade 4. Our teacher gave us 15 minutes to write a story of what we did over the weekend. When I was chosen to share my story, I realized it was boring, so I improvised another one pretending to read it. Having the class in a fit of laughter, I ended up winning best story and that's when I realized I had something special'. Christian
Christian's passion for storytelling has developed along way since his childhood. Studying both drama and creative writing he has written and acted in a variety of genres from comedy to drama in both Australia and his current residence Los Angeles.
Christian's latest production on YouTube,
Poppi's Dreams is a testament to his unique and creative imagination inspired by his dreams and life experiences.
Always perceptive and always curious, Christian believes in a great story and no matter how big or small his next project is, it has to resonate with him and his audience.





'I love the process of collaboration for every project I immerse myself in. To be a part of something new and exciting, something meaningful, something which I can render my creative input for someone else’s vision, is the most humble and satisfying feeling'.